OS X printing notes

When OS X was first released there were many issues with printing. Now that the OS X has matured and seems to be gaining market share printer manufacturers are doing better at supporting printing operations.

Article from the University of Virginia about Mac OS X printing

OpenSource Drivers

GIMP-Print (Gimp-Print package is a suite of high-quality open-source drivers supporting Epson, Canon, lexmark, and HP inkjet printers)

Footomatic RIP and ESP Ghostscript

HPIJS ( is a driver is the first free, open-source driver issued by HP for their DeskJet and LaserJet printers)

The Machanic recomends and uses Printer Setup Repair

Once you have a network-friendly driver, you'll find that OS X 10.2.x'swhich I assume you're using on your computer Print Center is less than intuitive. To print to a Windows-networked printer, you need to open Print Center, hold the Option key down when clicking on the Add button, then pick Advanced then Windows Printing as the printing method... if you don't use the secret Option-click, you don't get Windows Printing as an advanced option.

I (the Machanic) found that I needed to use the OPTION key in order to gain access to some of Epson hiden dialouge boxes when istalling my own Epson drivers.

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