Graphic Design Tech II

Calendar for Graphic Design Tech II Students

Fourth Quarter Grading Scale
Project Points
Great Designer Project 5
Vogue/Time Magazine 5
Ficticous Magazine 5
Starbucks Poster 5
Inspirational Quotes 5
Flash Project 5
Web Site 10
Total 40

Great Designer Project

Assignment: Create a two page layout in InDesign for publication. The subject of the layout is a story chronicling a "Great Designer". You should include a least one photo of the designer and samples of his/her work (you will be using placeholder text). You are also asked to submit a one page informal paper describing the style and achievments of the designer you have chosen

Need some names? Iconic Logo Designers (you should know). Five Graphic Designers everyone should know. Twenty-Five Graphic Artists to follow. Here is Wikipediaʻs contibution.

The Magazine Project

 Design your own Magazine cover. 
Mr G. Magazine Cover

Assignment: Create a design for a magazine cover. It needs to have a main feature image, one call out box with a image, another image, four or five other lines or boxes that feature the articles inside a magazine (except for Vouge and Time magazines). We will be learning and using Adobe InDesign in the fourth quarter.

Dimensions: Width-8.125in. Height-10.875in. Bleed-.125in. Margins-.75in.

You will create several magazine covers: National Geogrpahic, RollingStone, Vouge, Sports Illustrated, Time, and Runnerʻs World. You will also create a ficticous magazine cover of your own choosing.

Go to the Magazine Project page

Assignment: Create for each magazine a five page layout in InDesign. For the four pages there should be at least nine images. You can use three or four columns. The cover counts as one of the pages, so please do not forget to include it.

StarBucks Poster

Go to the StarBuck Poster page for more information.

Assignment: You are to create amock poster in InDesign. Dimensions are 20" x 30" (portrait orientation) there will be .125" of bleed, 1 " margins, and you are required to specify the green in the mock StarBucks logo to be a spot color, that is extremly close to what StarBucks uses.

Flash Animation

Assignment: Create a simple Flash Animation. In order to do this we will learn the fundimental steps of animation. For more information see our class Flash Page.

Design a Print Ready Ad in Indesign

Assignment: Follow the tutorial instructions for the Design a Print Ready Ad in InDesign tuts+Premium. You will need to go to downloads to find the source files for this project.

This is a challenging tutorial. It is optional, and can be substituted for the magazine assignment. If you complete this tutorial you will understand the communication necessary between print designer and printer.

Inspiring Quotes

Assignment: Create a Design to match and amplify a Famous Quotation. There are several examples at this web site: Bored Panda
Some Sources for Famous Quotes:


Three Classic Lorem Ipsum Generators
Three Modern Text Generators
InDesign has a feature called "Fill with Placeholder Text" so you wonʻt need to Greek from the internet.

Speech Festival Certificate Design

  (Click for Bigger)

Certificate of Achievment

is awarded to (Blank Space)

for participation at the 40th Annual James B. Castle High School Speech Festival for Elementay Schools April 15, 2014

Signature line for Coach

Signature line for Principal

The Schools involved are: Ahumanu, Aikahi, Enchanted Lakes, Heeia, Kaelepulu, Kainalu, Kaneohe, Kapunahala, Keolu, Mokapu, Parker.
The Winning Design will recieve a Prize


Hickam Project

Download Pics for Hickam Project Folder 1 and Folder 2

Hickam Skate Park web site

This project is a certificate of appreciation to Mike Kays from Castle High School, Kaneohe HI. They sponsored the "Deck the Wallz" Skate Deck Design Contest at the Hickam Skate Park. Participants were Mrs. Rippardʻs A-12 Drawing & Painting Class and General Art Class

Castle High School of Kaneohe, Hawaii Would like to Thank Mike Keys for Sponsoring our "Deck the Wallz Skate Deck Design Contest".

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