How to use QR codes to resolve the Content you Choose

This will be the QR code you will create to bring more information about the picture above.

Download Tutorial as a PDF PDF

1.) The picture comes from Google Earth (free). I use a screen capture to snap the picture.


2.) You need to create a web page. I use Google Drive (free)(aka Google Docs).

Technically this is not a web page but a Document (like you would use in Microsoft Word). But it acts as a web page.

Donʻt forget to Name your Document.

3.) Add your content. You can change fonts and font size, add Bold Italics or Underline


4.) Adding pictures: Go to the Insert Menu. Then choose image.



5.) You can add hyperlinks by copying and pasting them, then click link on toolbar.



6.) You can link to dynamic content like a YouTube video .


7.) Once you have your document just the way you want it, it is time to publish.

8.) Copy the web address that Google gives you for your document.


9.) Now it is time to add the QR Code (Quick Response Code). You can go to any QR Code generator
(I suggest QR Stuff (free)


10.) Click on Download QR Code. You may want to resize the graphic, which you can.

This is the actual QR code for this project.

11.) You can now paste this graphic file into any document you would like and people will be taken to the content you have provided them.

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